City of West Liberty

This depot was alternatively called the Union Depot or Rock Island Depot during its period of use as a passenger depot. The “Union” name is a reference to its joint usage: being owned, operated, and used by the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad (CRI&P) and for a number of years also leased by the Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern Railroad (BCR&N). It was used by both for passenger service. It sits along the east side of the old CRI&P tracks that are currently owned and operated by the Iowa Interstate Railroad (IIR) and run roughly northwest-southeast through the southwest part of the city. The depot itself is currently used as a museum and as the office for the West Liberty Heritage Foundation and other local organizations. The property immediately surrounding it has been converted to a city park that is used for recreation, education, and the preservation of several historic objects and buildings that have been moved to the park from elsewhere. . The depot sits approximately in the same location and position as the city’s original, wood passenger station and wood platform that succumbed to fire on Sunday, August 1, 1897. The current building was completed later that year.  

For more information, please visit West Liberty's Heritage Foundation 

West Liberty Depot

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