Private Sewer (Septic) System

The Muscatine County Environmental Office permits all new and renovated installations of septic systems in Muscatine County.  The cost of a septic permit is $200.00.  In order to obtain a septic permit the following information needs to be submitted:

  1. The Address of the Proposed System

  2. The Properties Record Owner(s)

  3. The Number of Bedrooms in the residence (Bedrooms being defined as any confined room having both a storage closet and an emergency egress window)

  4. A rough overhead sketch or layout of what the installed system will look like.

Extra Requirements when effluent is discharged into surface water:

All effluent discharged from private sewer systems that is in, or has the potential to reach, any designated waters of the state or subsurface drainage tile shall be treated in a manner that will conform with the requirements of NPDES General Permit No. 4 issued by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.  Systems covered under this permit must meet all applicable requirements listed in the permit, including sampling & monitoring.

Percolation Test of Soil Analysis:

All newly installed septic systems in Muscatine County are required to have either a percolation test or a soil analysis performed. The results of the test indicate what type of system the soil can sustain and the amount of lineal feet of trench or drain field that is required. A percolation test or soil analysis must be performed by a registered Engineer in the State of Iowa or an approved agent.